The Chain Gang 'Inception Collection'. Made from a firm, hard wearing and long lasting cow hide. Perfect for looking after your favourite possessions. Brass and stainless steel hardware imported from America. 

The Chain Gang 'Babuskha' Collection. Made from a strong, supple deer hide. Light enough to carry your techtronics. Strong enough to protect them from usual daily wear. 

The 'Slasher Collection'. Made strong and flexible, from a carefully selected premium quality cow nappa leather. The leather drape, partnered with its strength, works perfectly with the detailed textural application applied to these pieces. 

Here at the Empire of Genius we love creating pieces of art for you. When adored and looked after by you, your  
loved piece will have a long life and grow more handsome with age.

The textural cut and slash detailing are what gives these piece's their unique beauty. Take care not to snag, if caught gently untangle.

Tonal variations or marks are natural features of the leather as every leather hide is unique. 



Wipe your bag or garment clean using a soft dampened white dust cloth. 
Do not rub your leather item with anything coarse or abrasive.  
Only use specialised leather care products to clean dirt or stains (we recommend colour lock leather cleaner). 
Never use solvents or household cleaning products on leather. 
Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetics.  
Store your leather item in a well ventilated, moisture free area when not in use. 
Hang your leather item to remove creases, or Cool iron placing a soft white cloth between the iron and leather item. 
Do not steam - this will course shrinkage. 
Avoid over-exposure to extreme heat, moisture or direct sunlight. 
Should your leather item get wet, wipe dry with a soft white cloth. 
Condition leather with a specialised leather cleaner (we recommend colour lock fade-guard leather conditioner) to maintain softness and suppleness. 
Avoid contact with delicate or light coloured garments as some leathers may shed some colour.